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Bittersweet Investment Group 5, LLC (BIG 5)

This is a Colorado Crowdfunding offering. Investors are limited to confirmed residents of Colorado!

The purpose of the company is to purchase one office building located at 3400 West 16th Street, Greeley, CO 80634. The office complex has 8 separate buildings, each owning the lot underneath the building and an undivided interest in the balance of the property. These buildings were originally built by and for dentists and other related medical facilities and were separately owned. As times changed, many of the doctors either retired or moved to more high visibility locations. Bittersweet Group, LLC (“Bittersweet”) purchased several of the buildings in February 2015, they have rehabbed, leased and managed the properties since that time. Their focus is to change the previous dentist office form at into a general office format which has a much higher demand in the marketplace.

Bittersweet is 100% owner of the Property. Bittersweet is selling the Property to Bittersweet Investment Group 5, LLC. Bittersweet wishes to sell 55%-90% of “Building #5” the “Property” to pay off debt and recapture their rehabilitation costs. Any Class A units NOT purchased will be retained by Bittersweet. Additionally, Bittersweet will invest $30,000 into the Company. This payment will be placed in a reserve fund.

Listing Office: LC Real Estate Group

Listing Brokers: Nathan Klein & Rico Devlin

Contact Information: Nathan (970) 222-2473 or [email protected]

Contact Information: Rico  (970) 413-1182 or [email protected]

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