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Bittersweet Investment Group 5, LLC (BIG 5)

This is a Colorado Crowdfunding offering. Investors are limited to confirmed residents of Colorado!

This is a Colorado Crowdfunding Opportunity seeking investors to purchase 55% - 90%  of BIG 5, LLC which will own “the Property” at 3400 W 16th St. Building #5, Greeley. Investments will be made in increments of $1,000 per unit and the offering is hosted through the Community Funding Exchange ( under which both accredited and non-accredited investors can easily participate in this offering.  Non-accredited investors may invest up to $5,000 and Accredited investors up to $810,000 or the remaining units at that time. Investors will hold their ownership interest for a minimum of one year and receive quarterly disbursement of their share of the net income, once funded. 

The Company’s investment objectives are: equity ownership, zero debt, income production and value appreciation. Management and leasing of the Property will be handled by Bittersweet Group, LTD the Managing Member of the Company. The Managing Member, on behalf of the Company, expects the company will hold the property for 3-5 years, capturing the increased cash flow and look for an opportunity to sell or exchange when the market dictates, capturing appreciation value. Investors will then receive their portion of the net sale proceeds.

 The Colorado Crowdfunding Act was signed into law  in 2015 giving investors the ability to acquire debt or equity interests in lawful companies in the State. More information on Colorado Crowdfunding can be found  on the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies website:

Listing Office: LC Real Estate Group

Listing Brokers: Nathan Klein & Rico Devlin

Contact Information: Nathan (970) 222-2473 or [email protected]

Contact Information: Rico  (970) 413-1182 or [email protected]

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